4 Q&A’s with the VP of FARRAGUT Local Gov

Durham, NC – July 18, 2012. Posted by Shelley Hare.

Recently, our marketing department sat down with Jeff McDonald, VP of the Local Government division here at FARRAGUT, to discuss what is happening in his department.

Q: What are the latest developments and projects that the Local Government division is engaged in?

A: Currently, we are in the process of helping our NCPTS customers complete their annual tax billings. We are also visiting the smaller counties around North Carolina to tell them how NCPTS* (North Carolina Property Tax System) can work for them. We are evolving our current product just for these smaller counties.

*NCPTS is an end-to-end property tax solution that automates ten of the larger NC counties tax departments.

Q: Can you tell us more about this new product?

A: We are designing a version of NCPTS targeted to the needs of smaller counties across the state. We are calling it the NCPTS Cloud.

My vision for the Cloud is that it will provide more automated business processes for these smaller counties which will reduce their workload, increase their tax collections, and increase their property valuation accuracy. We want to provide all of this without any need for internal IT resources, hardware, or support staff. And we want to provide it all for one affordable annual fee without the traditional, large upfront investment which smaller counties may not be able to afford.

We are really excited about this venture because we see it giving us the opportunity to bring the benefits of NCPTS that we have been providing larger counties to a bigger group of smaller counties.

With the Cloud solution, the smaller counties won’t have to have their own IT department. We will handle all of the technical requirements for them.

Q: So, you are visiting all 100 NC counties to talk to them about the NCPTS Cloud?.

A: We are looking forward to the visits to these counties and hope to reach as many of them as we can. Our mission is to meet with each of the tax department managers to understand how our software can make their professional lives better. With the input from these counties, we hope to shape the NCPTS Cloud into a product that will fit their needs precisely.

Q: What is the next step for the Local Government department?

A: The local gov division has been hard at work delivering software that helps improve the results of our customer county tax departments. We are continuing to evolve from purely software developers, to a team that is focused on our customers’ business results, and expanding our focus from larger counties to including and servicing smaller counties.