Cloud Computing Offers Functionality & Efficiency

Durham, NC – February 18, 2014. Posted by Shelley Hare.

NC County Tax Offices are Among the Latest to Recognize the Benefits of Cloud Technology

As cloud technology evolves and becomes increasingly prevalent in organizations of all types, two North Carolina County Tax Offices have decided to make use of the new technology in the implementation of their new property tax software.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “cloud technology” refers to an alternative and cost-effective approach to delivering traditional software through web access, relieving consumers of the costs and maintenance associated with operating IT infrastructure.

Following the model set by the Tax & Tag System in 2013, Beaufort and Rutherford County will be the first counties in the state to go live with a cloud-based solution for managing all of their property taxes.

Both counties are partnering with Farragut Systems, Inc., a Durham based Software Company now offering their North Carolina Property Tax System (NCPTS) through cloud technology. Farragut’s decision to offer the budget-friendly cloud solution now allows smaller counties access to the same integrated and automated property tax program that many of the larger counties in NC have used for years.

“The new functionality and efficiency is going to be a lot better than we have had in the past,” says Sherry Lavender, the Revenue Director for Rutherford County. “I am very impressed with the way [the system] is laid out and the ease of information available. Even the new tabs across the screen make it easy to find almost anything quickly, streamlining many of our business processes,” continues Lavender.

“The workflow is going to be a lot better,” Lavender also reveals. 21st century workflow enhancement tools decrease the processing times of previously manual tasks by offering their staff reminders for unpaid taxes, convenient electronic payments, and system access to listing forms scanned and uploaded in-house.

“We used to have to create checklists to remind us to complete tasks at certain times. But, the workflow queues take that responsibility off of us and will prompt us to do certain processes that we use to remind ourselves to do,” says Lavender.

NCPTS Cloud helps to boost property tax collections through automation tools designed to increase collection rates by as much as 5%. “We are trying to reach the state average for Collections,” Lavender says. “Currently, we are at a rate of 96% and I know the Enforced Collections features that NCPTS offers will allow us to process legal actions and mail out letters more quickly with reduced steps. Utilizing the added functionality will help our tax office to increase our collection rate in the future,” Lavender explains.

Older software systems become overwhelmed with the amount of data and new statutory regulations that even the smallest counties must handle on a daily basis. Farragut is excited by its new partnership opportunities with Beaufort County & Rutherford County and hopes that with the option of NCPTS Cloud readily available, more counties will now be able to upgrade their systems and take advantage of the benefits offered by the latest in cloud technology.

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