How much does an app cost?

Most people don’t know what to expect when it comes to the cost of creating a mobile app. While no two apps are the same, our experience is that there are three ranges that an app will fall into:

Small $10-25k

Small apps are typically self contained (minimal reliance on external data sources), and use mostly standard UI features.

Medium $25-65k

Medium apps rely on some level of external data sources and may require some custom UI creation.

Large $65k+

Large apps can run the gamut. Typically, they rely heavily on external sources and require extensive customization. In many cases, large apps also include development of external sources or tools.

In our initial discussions, you’ll share your mobile app idea and we’ll tell you what we honestly think. We don’t sugar coat our evaluations. You are about to make a serious investment of time, effort and money, and we want you to be successful so, in turn, we can be successful. If your idea passes muster, we’ll work with you to clarify and refine your vision and, equally as important, to understand your business goals.

We’ll work together to formalize requirements and screen designs, discuss timelines and budgets, and take all the other necessary steps to set the stage for development. In some cases, we put together a proof-of-concept app to determine if an approach is feasible, and in rare cases, some initial funding is required. Once we’ve agreed on to a statement of work, we’ll sign on the dotted line and get started.

Will FARRAGUT Partner With You?

Occasionally an entrepreneur will come to FARRAGUT with an app idea looking for a partnership. While we are happy to discuss how we can help bring the idea to life, we generally do not provide capital or form partnerships.

This is our favorite part, and it will be yours too. We don’t develop your mobile app in a silo—we want you involved! As we create your app, we provide almost daily beta versions that you can install and test on your actual devices. The more feedback, the better. We quickly incorporate changes so there are no surprises when your custom mobile app is complete. In most cases, minor changes requested during active development won’t require any revision to the project scope or budget, but if they do, we’ll let you know the impact so you won’t be surprised when you get the bill.

There’s nothing more exciting than getting your mobile app approved and in the store (well, maybe a few things are more exciting, but it’s still pretty cool). We can handle the entire app store deployment process, or we can guide you through the process. Depending on the app store, a review process may be involved—our job is to make sure the app passes. We respond to any issues that arise during this phase.

“I was amazed by how quickly FARRAGUT turned around iterations—on almost a daily basis. Not only was it great to see the incremental progress, but this rapid back-and-forth interaction allowed me to maintain finite control and make sure we never steered off course of the vision.”

Nick Kime, President,


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Wait, FARRAGUT is still here? Once your app is in the store, we don’t just disappear or stop taking your calls. Whether you need a one-time app change or want continuing enhancements, we can work together to determine the appropriate level of support going forward.

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