Most mobile apps can be installed from the App Store or Android Market. However, your app idea may be an internal app used by your employees only. FARRAGUT can help develop custom mobile apps that meet your organization's particular needs.


Apple provides two mechanisms to support custom enterprise apps.

The App Store Volume Purchase Program= provides a special web site for businesses to purchase apps in volume. Apps are reviewed by Apple, but custom branding and configuration is allowed.

The iOS Developer Enterprise Program allows a company to develop proprietary, in-house apps that are distributed internally (not through the App Store). Apps are not submitted to Apple for review, and installation is controlled by the company.


There is currently no enterprise program. Only apps downloaded from the Android Market can be installed on the device unless a simple setting on Android devices is enabled to allow installing apps outside the market. Once this setting is enabled, an enterprise app can be installed from any source (such as a corporate intranet).

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What Sets Us Apart

A sound strategy is a prerequisite to business results. But what happens when the people in place to execute the strategy—your technology vendor—doesn’t hear it, doesn’t understand it, doesn’t buy into it or just doesn’t care? It happens all the time. Developers think programming—not strategy. It’s often the difference between hitting goals and hitting obstacles—the difference between success and failure.

We don’t just listen to our client’s strategy, we can help shape it. Then we put it at the forefront of every move we make. What’s more, we have the goods to back it up. What will it take to execute your idea? Multiple front ends? Numerous server integrations? A robust content management system? If your project calls for it, we can handle it. FARRAGUT Mobile is backed by nearly two decades of experience in enterprise app development. We deliver. Always. Because we understand what it takes to make strategies successful and plans a reality.

Whether you want to extend your enterprise apps to mobile devices or you want to expand into the native mobile app space, we can help.

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