Big County Results, Small County Affordability

Do you long for the increased efficiency that comes with an integrated property tax system, but cringe at the heavy price tag? If so, NCPTS has just the solution you need!

It’s true that some of the largest counties in NC already trust NCPTS as their complete property tax solution. But, the needs and budgets of larger counties are often quite different from those of smaller counties.

Introducing NCPTS for Small to Mid-Sized Counties

NCPTS Cloud gives you get the integration across systems and workflow enhancement tools that make NCPTS an invaluable tool for larger counties, without the unnecessary distractions and costs associated with processes and tools that you simply don’t need.

You'll benefit from the same solutions that the largest counties in NC use to:

  • Maximize Tax Value

    NCPTS Cloud makes it easier to discover and audit unreported business and personal properties, process returned and unreturned listings, and validate exemptions and tax relief.

  • Accelerate Property Tax Collections

    21st century automation helps you and your staff send reminders for unpaid taxes, accept electronic payments, process mail payments, and more.

  • Boost Tax Collection Rates

    Easily identify delinquent taxes, create mass garnishments, management payment plans, and collect debt setoffs!

To learn more about how NCPTS can help your county increase tax value and accelerate and increase tax collections, contact us today.

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"The in-house efficiencies have been tremendous. We have found ways to do things in less time with less people."

Ben Chavis, Tax Director, Guilford County